Men's 1st Team
Sat 13 Jan 2024  ·  London Men's Division 2 North
Richmond M3
Crostyx Hockey Club
Men's 1st Team
Mens 1st XI vs Richmond 3s

Mens 1st XI vs Richmond 3s

Christian Hall17 Jan - 13:27
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Men's 1s sought revenge vs Richmond following home defeat in opening game of the season

Crostyx M1’s emerged victorious with a resounding 6-2 triumph over Richmond, showcasing their prowess on the away turf. The match, filled with intense moments and remarkable displays of skill, saw Crostyx players deliver a stellar performance to secure a well-deserved victory.

Alfie Tedder, etched his name in the annals of the match with two exceptional drag flicks low and to the middle of the goal that left the Richmond defense and goalkeeper stranded. However, Tedder was not the sole contributor, the scoreboard was a testament to the team's collective effort, with Max S, Louis D, and James P each adding their names to the list of goal-scorers.

One of the standout moments of the match came from Jack Dempsey, who delivered a goal that will undoubtedly be remembered for its sheer brilliance. Positioned at the baseline, Dempsey executed a stunning lob over the Richmond goalkeeper. The precision and audacity displayed in this particular play left the crowd in awe and the opposition astounded.

Robin, who had recently returned from his honeymoon, showed no signs of rustiness as he delivered a spectacular display between the posts. His reflexes were nothing short of extraordinary, making multiple double saves that left both the opposition and spectators in awe. Robin's agile movements and quick thinking thwarted Richmond's attempts to breach Crostyx's defense, earning him a well-deserved man-of-the-match title.

On the sidelines, Nick Duck, in his first match as step-in coach played a pivotal role in orchestrating the success. Nick's coaching strategies and motivational tactics were evident in the team's cohesive and disciplined performance – shoutout also to Alex Bowley with a solid debutant performance holding up the ball effectively and quickly adapting to the teams style of play.

As the final whistle blew, Crostyx celebrated not only a resounding victory but also a collective effort that showcased their depth and skill. The 6-2 scoreline reflected their dominance.

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Sat 13 Jan 2024




London Men's Division 2 North

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Crostyx M1
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